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I   write   about      personal   experiences.   I write   about   the   struggles,   heartbreak, and   the   hope   it   takes   to   get   through them.     Suicide,     Shame,     Insecurities, Abuse,   Abandonment,   Loneliness,   and Grief,   these   are   some   of   the   topics   I   will be    writing    about.        Follow    me    on    a journey you will never forget..
One of my major goals in life is to let people know that they are not alone. The old saying “Divide and Conquer”, still holds true today. The easiest way to get people to commit suicide is to make them think they are totally alone and no one know what they are going through. I am here to say this is not true. Don’t believe the lies, you are not alone. Please read the resources page. I have listed many places that you can get help. There is a group or organization for any issue you are dealing with. They are ready to help. If you just want someone to talk to and understand what you are going through, please write to me at I can help you find the help you need or just pray with you. I answer each and every email. God Bless. If you would like to find out more about coaching please visit We have several programs to help you have the life you want. We care and want the best for you.
You Are Never All Alone
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I   am a Spiritual, Life, and Relationship Coach who specializes in personal growth, winning relationships, and crisis management. I work   with   clients   in   the   areas   of   loss,   grief,   personal   achievements, setting   goals,   and   making good   life   choices.