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Finding Hope In The Valley (Sneak Preview) Chapter One Our New Beginning By   the   time   I   got   out   of   my   second   marriage   my   daughter   was   14.   We   had promised   ourselves   that   we   would   try   to   live   like   everyone   else,   but   that just   never   seemed   to   happen.   We   were   as   dysfunctional   as   ever.   We   had made   a   choice   to   start   new   but   picked   the   wrong   place   to   do   it   in.   We   had moved    to    “Sin    City.”    We    picked    it    for    the    only    reason,    my    husband wouldn’t   ever   think   of   looking   for   us   there.   He   knew   I   didn’t   believe   in gambling money away, so I figured we were safe. Or so I thought. The   only   thing   I   was   able   to   get   to   help   us   start   our   new   life   was   enough money   to   live   on   for   about   three   months.   We   had   the   business   for   about two   years   and   I   was   the   one   running   it   but   I   didn’t   take   anymore   money than   that.   I   knew   he   would   hunt   me   down   if   I   got   anymore   out   of   our savings.   The   business   was   worth   about   $400   or   $500   hundred   thousand   at the   time.   I   knew   giving   it   up   was   going   to   cost   me   everything   but   saving my daughter was worth it. We   spent   the   first   few   days   in   a   motel   room   when   we   hit   town.   I   knew   our money   wouldn’t   last   long   if   we   stayed   there.   We   started   looking   for   an apartment    as    soon    as    we    had    gotten    enough    rest    to    function    again. There’s   a   lot   of   drawbacks   to   moving   to   a   place   you   don’t   know   anyone. We   really   didn’t   know   what   part   of   town   to   live   in.   We   decided   to   find   the part   of   town   we   could   afford.   We   found   a   third   story   apartment   on   the east   side   of   town.   It   was   furnished   so   we   took   the   little   we   brought   with   us and moved in. I   had   burned   all   the   bridges   with   my   family   to   keep   him   from   coming   after them   so   we   were   on   our   own.   I   had   learned   not   to   depend   on   other people   at   a   very   young   age   and   it   served   me   well   then.   I   got   a   mailbox address   in   another   area   of   town.   I   told   my   daughter   that   our   success   in   not being   found   by   him   was   going   to   hinge   on   how   well   we   could   stay   hidden. Some   of   the   things   I   was   worried   about   was   if   I   have   to   go   get   a   job   and her   going   to   school.   How   could   I   keep   him   from   finding   us   then?   I   prayed that   God   would   blind   him   to   where   we   were   at   and   keep   us   hid.   I   had brought   my   sewing   machine   with   me   since   I   had   made   some   money   with it   before.   Sewing   for   people   was   something   I   could   do   that   didn’t   stress me   out   so   much   but   could   I   make   enough   money   with   it?   I   lost   a   lot   of sleep over that one. We   had   lived   in   the   apartment   for   about   two   weeks   when   something unthinkable   happened.   My   daughter’s   only   job   at   the   time   was   to   take   out the   trash   and   help   me   with   shopping   for   groceries.   The   trash   was   getting ready   to   burst   it’s   seams   one   night   when   I   asked   her   to   take   it   out.   She said   she   was   working   on   her   homework   and   would   in   a   little   while.   I   was working   on   a   dress   for   someone   so   I   didn’t   think   anything   about   it.   About two   hours   later   I   noticed   she   didn’t   take   it   out   and   I   said   something   again. She   was   watching   TV   by   then   and   mumbled   something   to   me   like   “OK”, “OK”,   but   nothing   happened.   I   was   busy   so   I   didn’t   pay   attention   to   it. Then   I   was   going   to   take   a   break   and   start   dinner   when   I   noticed   that   she hadn’t    done    it.    “Why    are    you    not    taking    out    the    trash!”    I    couldn’t understand   why   she   was   blowing   me   off.   The   apartment   was   an   efficiency so   there   was   no   place   for   her   to   go   to   hide.   “I   can’t   I   don’t   feel   good,”   she said.   “Well   you   felt   well   enough   to   watch   TV   earlier,      why   do   you   not   feel good   now?”   I   new   if   she   didn’t   feel   good   there   was   no   way   I   would   talk   her into   it.   I   was   too   tired   to   argue   so   I   told   her   to   get   in   bed.   She   laid   down and   was   soon   out.   I   finished   up   what   I   was   doing   and   then   went   to   bed too. I   was   awakened   by   sirens   outside.   I   jumped   out   of   bed   and   looked   out   the window.   All   I   could   see   was   people   standing   out   on   their   balconies   staring at   the   west   end   of   the   building.   That   was   where   the   trash   cans   where located.   My   daughter   woke   up   then   and   asked,   “what   is   going   on?”   “I think   someone   must   have   set   the   trash   on   fire   or   ran   into   them.   Maybe the   field   is   on   fire,   I’m   not   sure.”   I   got   dressed   quickly   and   went   to   the door.   My   daughter   got   there   first.   She   had   crawled   into   bed   with   her clothes   on.   “Are   you   going   to   open   the   door?”   She   asked   with   a   fear   in   her voice.   “That’s   the   only   way   I   am   going   to   find   out   if   we   need   to   leave   the building”,   I   said.   We   slowly   opened   the   door   and   stepped   out   onto   the balcony.   I   looked   to   the   west   and   saw   what   I   thought   was   about   20   cop cars   littering   the   street   in   front   of   the   bins.   “What   in   the   world   is   going on!”   I   turned   to   my   daughter   as   she   said,   “I   met   a   girl   who   goes   to   school with   me.   She   lives   right   there.”   She   pointed   to   an   apartment   three   doors down   from   us.   I   could   see   the   girl   my   daughter’s   age   standing   on   the   side- walk.   “OK,   go   see   if   she   knows   anything.”   I   watched   her   walk   down   the stairs   and   over   to   the   girl.   She   stopped   when   she   got   to   her   and   they   put there    heads    together    and    the    girl    was    saying    something    in    her    ear.    I thought   that   was   strange   and   made   a   mental   note   to   ask   about   her   later. My   daughter’s   head   flew   up   and   I   heard   her   say,   “I   need   to   tell   my   Mom,   I will   see   you   at   school   later.”   The   girl   turned   and   went   into   her   apartment. My   daughter   ran   up   the   stairs   and   was   out   of   breath.   I   had   a   feeling   of foreboding.   It   settled   on   me   like   a   cloud.   “What   is   going   on?”   I   asked   with a    little    more    force    than    necessary    so    I    said,    “what    did    she    say?”    My daughter   had   lost   all   the   color   out   of   her   face   and   was   tearing   up.   “She said   someone   found   a   dead   five   year   old   girl   in   there   this   morning.”   I   felt   a shiver   run   down   my   spine.   I   had   remembered   hearing   about   one   being kidnapped   a   few   days   ago.   Everyone   was   looking   for   her.   I   felt   sick   that   she had   been   found   that   way.   Then   I   got   mad.   “What   kind   of   sick   S.O.B.   would do    that?    Well    I’m    going    to    the    manager’s    office    this    morning    and demanding   to   move.”   “Pack   everything   you   have   and   I   will   call   the   school and   tell   them   you   are   not   coming.   I   guarantee   we   will   be   out   of   here today!”   My   daughter   nodded   her   head   and   ran   in   the   door.   I   looked   one more   time   at   all   the   cop   cars.   “Please   watch   over   and   help   her   family   Lord, they   are   really   going   to   need   it.”   I   headed   in   the   door   determined   to   be moving later today. 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